Giving Pledge

Giving Pledge

It’s important to have a purpose with your work and in today’s age of enlightenment, so too with your company. Beyond helping you look and feel your best with our healing teas, we pledge to give 10% of profits to orphanages around the world. From our very first sale we make this commitment. 

The name Kaiyurveda comes from the amalgamation of two words: Kaiyra and Ayurveda. Our daughter Kaiyra was one of the inspirations of our brand, having had her eczema clear up after using our Essential Blend tea before we were even a company.

Kaiyra was adopted from one of the thousands and thousands of orphanages from India. There are so many orphans in the world that if all of the children were a country, they’d be as large as Japan, the 11th most populous country with over 120 million citizens.

We are just trying to do whatever we can and we appreciate your support, for we take our pledge seriously and gladly give on your behalf, so thank you very much. Cheers to making a difference, one cup at a time.


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