Black Peppercorn

Black Peppercorn

Black pepper, I use it every day, just a usual spice used by billions of people around the world right? Wrong! You’ll be surprised about the potent health effects that the humble black peppercorn exhibits.

The black pepper is actually the dried fruit of a flowering vine native to the Malabar Coast of India and used for nearly 5,000 years as a spice. Today, the “king of spices” is used all over the world, so common that you’ll even find it seasoning a fast food burger. Wow!

Piperine is the magic ingredient found in black pepper and it has been linked to improving brain function in animal studies and the last time I checked, humans were animals. Kidding aside, it has demonstrated potential benefits to combat degenerative brain conditions such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease.

The active compound piperine is also anti-inflammatory which seems to be one of the most prevalent conditions in developed countries. Another common condition, heart disease, which is associated with high blood cholesterol levels is also combated by the compound. 

Test tube studies have shown piperine has cancer fighting properties and among 55 other spice compounds was found to be the most effective in increasing the efficacy of traditional treatment and has been shown to reverse drug resistance in cancer cells.

High in antioxidants black pepper also helps your body increase the absorption of essential nutrients like calcium and selenium. Black pepper may also help relieve pain in some people and will increase the good bacteria in your gut helping aid digestion.

After researching this wonderful spice, I think I will start adding even more to my cooking!


 Mild heat, sharp and pungent, earthy, woody, piney.

Side Effects

Unless consuming massive amounts, none.

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