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Hello and welcome to our site and humble shoppe. My wife and I started Kaiyurveda after having tried ourselves and having given our friends and relatives the simple yet effective ajwain (carom) tea. Everyone who tried it noticed massive improvements in reducing or eliminating inflammatory diseases such as eczema and asthma. We knew it was good when our young 10 year old nephew would ask his aunty Kamal for the special tea every time he saw her.

At the same time we were surprised to see that there were no tea brands offering the fabulous fruit (carom is actually the fruit, rather than the seed of the plant) and decided that we must bring it to market. Besides inflammation, the essential foundation of our products consists of carom and fennel, both of which promote wellness by offering a remedy to dozens of health issues from aiding in weight loss to helping lower bad cholesterol, from boosting immunity to helping indigestion.

Our objective is simple: provide a unique yet effective and delicious product that can aid in innumerable ways to make you healthier and stronger and live your best life!

Jagmohan and Kamal

Jagmohan and Kamal

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